Digestate treatment

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The digested material formed during the anaerobic biodigestion in the thermophilic process divides perfectly into liquid and solid share in our vertical centrifuge without any use of chemical products.

Due to alternate cycles in one pool with MBR membranes our device is excellent at cleaning the liquid separated during the centrifugation, which is then ready for reuse.  The alternative cycle process predicts the presence of a single reactor of which inside occur both denitrification and nitrification. Both reactions are possible due to the exchange of aerobic and non-oxide phases: during the aerobic phase the organic matter oxidizes and the nitrification of ammoniac takes place, during the anoxic phase denitrification of nitrites and nitrates occurs, that formed during the first phase.

The sedimentation compartment is replaced by the module for ultrafiltration with the Membrane Bio Reactor (MBR).