Pre-treatment devices

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  • Manure, particularly pig manure, because of its high dilution is problematic and discourages energy and economic efficiency of biogas devices.
  • The centrifugal flotation unit concentrates the sludge, which is required for the anaerobic digestion (volatile solid parts or organic compounds), thus making the processing in this type of unit economically favorable.
  •  The centrifugal flotation unit is a physical-chemical treatment for processing animal manure with an advanced patented technological system using centrifugation and dynamic flotation.
  •  The synergy between special vertical centrifugation with the help of weight separates most solid particles, and the dynamic flotation, which constantly thickens and removes the colloidal share, allows better cleaning of the animal waste, for a significantly lower price compared to usual flotation devices or centrifuges.
  •  The centrifugal flotation device significantly differs from the other systems of separating liquid and solid share for the following reasons:
  •  Highly efficient separation of both, the suspended particulate matter (by centrifugation), as well as colloidal fraction (by flotation), with very low investment and management costs; the concentrated share intended for bioprocessing contains 80-90% of the volatile solid matter in only 10-15% of volume.
  •  This special kind of centrifuge can change the whole processing waste into liquid, which contains the whole volume of air need right after the flotation phase. The concentrated share swims alone on the surface and a special screw collects and separates.
  •  The electrical power of the device and its energy consumption are limited to approximately 50% of similar traditional systems and the use of chemical products is limited to the base level, as the centrifuge separates the solid parts without additives, that is why they are required only during the flotation, for the thickening of colloidal components.



  •  The anaerobic digestion of organic fractions of the municipal waste requires pre-treatment, so it can obtain the adequate humidity and magnitude to remove any possible substances, which can harm the process.
  •  The progressive pressure press removes the liquid portion, which is about 60% and contains a high concentration of volatile substances. What remains is a solid portion that contains a lot of dry substances of wood and cellulose.
  •  The liquid portions become the ideal fuel for the production of biogas in the anaerobic fermentator, while the dry proportion is the ideal basis in the manufacture of high quality compost.
  •  Sand and inert matter, which can be present during the process, is separated in a very efficient and specially designed section.